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Colorz N Fashion:: Leading Buying Unit in Bangladesh
The services which we provide the best sourcing, Buying arrangement, meeting with manufacturers, and co-coordinating from sampling, production to dispatch, quality assurance in production, consolidating shipments etc.



Our service can help you find the best manufacturer for almost any type of ready made garments product. We will quote you on a one-cost basis, including all duties, freight, and delivery. If you would like to expand your line, find a lower-cost manufacturer with best quality, or get a quote on an existing item. The main objective of our Company is to reduce your risk by keeping the following issues on our agenda of work:-
• To introduce manufacturer who is capable of manufacturing as per buyer requirements.
 • To check production capacities and quality capabilities of Companies
 • To ensure that the quality is built into the product sample and manufacturing processes.
 • To check the correct material and component are used for production.
 • To check quality at start of production.
 • To check conformity as per samples and order during production.
 • To inspect quality, quantity, packing prior to shipment.
 • To witness loading of inspected consignment.
 • To carry out other special instruction of buyers.
We also undertake developments, products sourcing, as per buyer’s specification. In a nutshell we can assist you in outsourcing wide range of products from Bangladesh.
• Our Activities
 • Sourcing
 • Supplier evaluation
 • Monitor compliance
 • Facilitate pricing and negotiation
 • Sampling
 • Quality control - inline and final inspections
 • Testing
 • Facilitate approvals
 • Monitor and facilitate export documentation
 • Updates on production status
 • Product development.



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Colorz N Fashion

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